Maps and Routes of Sindri

We have to reach at Dhanbad Junction. Sindri is 27 KM far from Dhanbad. There is a local train with fair of ₹ 10/- from Dhanbad to Sindri Town. There are 5 stations between Dhanbad and Sindri Town. Names are : Dhokra, Pradhan Khunta, Rakhit Pur, Sindri BH, Sindri Marshalling. Train Time from Dhanbad to Sindri Town : 6:10 AM, 12:15 PM, 5:25 PM. Train Time from Sindri to Dhanbad : 8:30 AM, 01:40 PM, 07:15 PM. The Sindri Station Phone No is -  0326-2350565.

We can also take Traker or Tempu of fair ₹ 30/- maximum. The route is Jharia, Digwadih, Pathardih, Kandra, Sindri. Traker and Tempu are available 24x7.

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